Tuesday, February 12, 2013

the blizzard

Well, we made it! Snowstorm Nemo is over. What kind of a name is that anyway? Nemo? Who decides on these names for these storms? I think we need a new storm namer.

Anyhow. That is a picture from my window on Saturday morning. We ended up getting a lot of rain/freezing rain/snow on Friday, which made a lovely ice sheet for all the rest of the snow to pile up on. 

And it was super windy, so pretty much all the windows were caked with ice and snow.

Fun stuff.

I have a question about hurricanes, storms and blizzards. Why do people stock up on milk? I don't get it. If the power might go out, why get milk? Milk is going to do you no good. Get granola bars and batteries instead. Those are actual useful during a power outage.


Of course the power went out. It seemed as though the power was going to go out on Friday; the lights kept on flickering, and then power kept on going on and off. I hoped that maybe this was a sign; that maybe, just maybe, this was the extent of the storm. It was incredibly windy Friday night, and I thought, well, if the power can stand this, then maybe it'll stay on afterall! Alas, Saturday morning there was no power. Having the power out for roughly 36 hours really makes you appreciate those things you take for granted. Like warm water to wash your hands. It was really nice to have warm water again. And to be able to take a warm shower. And heat. Saturday night, I could see my breath in my bedroom it was that cold. How did people survive before electricity?? If I ever got stuck out in the wilderness, clearly I would never make it.

Sunday evening, just before 8, the power came back on. I literally cried tears of joy when the lights came on in the kitchen and the microwave beeped. However, about an hour or so later, the electricity decided that it wanted to play some mean tricks and go off again. And then, a few minutes later, it came back on. Then went off. Not very nice, electricity!! Eventually, it did come back on and stayed on -- hallelujah! We didn't have cable or internet for a while, but that was a-okay with me. As long as there was heat. And hot water. 

So over blizzards and power outages.

I hope everyone fared the storm all right and has their power back!

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